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What People Say About us

Superior level of quality, quick delivery and fresh produce. These things are enough to impress me. I have recommended many to shop from the organic drop.

Grace Weaver
Sydney, Australia

Thanks for providing healthy produce to my doorstep. When you can get such fresh produce at a reasonable price then why visit the shops. Amazing service and reliable staff!

Jenny Dsouza
Sydney, Australia

We always prefer the organic drop to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. They handpick the freshest produce from the markets on the morning of delivery. This is unique and that's why I recommend this business.

Liam Sampson
Sydney, Australia

I love the packing and delivery service offered by the organic drop. I came to know that the staff visit the markets in the morning and handpick the fresh produce as per the requirements of the orders of the day. I really appreciate their efforts!

Oliver Noble
Sydney, Australia

The produce has been on point every single time! Knowing that the organic fruit and veges my family are eating are hand picked and on our plates within just 72 hours of being at the farm, gives me assurance that I am providing the absolute best for my family. Your service is outstanding, your produce is the freshest - thank you for making my life so much easier, especially during a time like this.

Veronica M.
Sydney, Australia

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